Top 5 Cloud OS

 With the advancement in HTML5 language and web technology ,there are many interconnected servers ,which give you the experience of applications running on your browser, as if it running on your machine. Browsers are a great way to access all your data from anywhere in the world to your system whether you travel a lot, […] Continue reading →

Nearby Live Smartphone App To Meet New People

 Nearby Live is a location based smartphone app that allows you to connect with new people while allowing you to maintain complete anonymity and thus protecting your privacy, or so it claims let’s find out. Nearby Live is a smartphone based social networking app that was initially launched as a Windows mobile App, but is […] Continue reading →

Liam Neeson’s Taken 3 Trailer released

 here are things I have done in my life and I was always ready to face the consequences. To protect my family.” Trailer for Taken 3, the third and last installment of the much beloved action thriller movies series has been released. With Liam Neeson once again playing the role of a loving father, Bryan […] Continue reading →

Bye Bye Orkut – My First Social Network Site

   Remember Orkut, Long before Facebook status updates and chat messages Orkut was the digital hub for most of our social network activity. Orkut saw its last login yesterday on September,30,2014. Google decided to close now not so popular social networking website after it shifted its attention to Google plus. Google announced the closure of […] Continue reading →