How to Bypass Cyberoam Firewall

Cyberoam, a division of Elitecore Technologies, is a vendor of identity-based network security products including UTM security, logging and reporting and secure remote connectivity appliances and data loss prevention software.

Most of the educational institutions are offering lan connections and WiFi  in their campuses but not without certain restrictions. Though these restrictions are just,but at times they block some of the sites by mistake. Like recently this firewall blocked blog) although it had no objectionable content.

So how do we bypass Cyberoam firewall

Well first of all let me make it clear that these methods may not work with all type of content and sites but yes they do work with a lot of sites in general.

Method  1: Use Goggle Cache service to browse:

Just type in the URL or the phrase you want to browse in the Google search and the see for the cached link if available click on it you’ll be able to browse it.

Bypass cyberoam

Method 2: Use some proxy

Proxy Servers

Now usage of proxy to bypass a firewall is perhaps a very good idea cause the method1 will work only for a handful of sites and won’t let you download from them,but with a proxy these restrictions are also removed.

But Cyberoam also blocks the URL anonymity i.e proxy sites but there a few that are still effective in over coming the cyberoam like is still not blocked from Cyberoam and you can even watch You tube videos on it. Now one piece of advice: Avoid opening bank accounts,railway reservations,PayPal accounts etc. using a proxy site.

Method 3: use of IP spoofing software:

Now these work in the line of proxy sites the only difference is that they change IP address of you connection automatically. TOR and ultra surf are good options to consider.

Method 4:Use some cloud OS

Cloud OS like and can also be used to bypass cyberoam .

Method 5:

If all the above methods fail then simply get close to administrator of firewall to give your account more privilege.

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  2. how i bypass cyberoam for unlimited download

  3. Try another proxy version very simple to use and based on JAVA. it is only of 4MB u can read instruction given with it.
    to download please visit:

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