Google Chrome hidden settings; Complete list of Chrome about: pages

Here is a list of complete about: commands used in Google Chrome that will help you unleash its hidden powers and tweak settings that you always wanted to. These commands will also work if you substitute about: with chrome://

  • about: crash

This command simulates a crash of the Web application and therefore the current tab. It can discover the error message displayed by Chrome when such incidents arise.



  • about: dns

Displays the name resolution, including performance.

  • about: memory

This command will analyze the memory Chrome and each tab.

  • about: stats

This command reveals much of the inner workings of the browser. It displays the current performance of different modules that make up Chrome and allows to study the performance of the browser more closely (or compare the differences in speed Chrome on two different machines).


  • about: network

Very useful for Web developers and network administrators, this command will trace the network activity of a tab and display graphics performance to measure the load time of the various elements.

  • about: ver

This command specifies the version number and build number of Chrome.

  • about: histograms

This displays the various performance measures browser.


  • about: plugins

For now, Chrome does not have a formal mechanism for developers to graft extensions.But this mechanism will be in future versions ..Especially since the browser actually already supports extensions like Gears, DivX, Flash, Acrobat, Quicktime and ActiveX. Extensions revealed by this commandgoogle-chrome-histograms


  • about: internets

It is the easter egg (Easter egg surprise Chrome).It embeds the 3D Pipes screensaver from Windows, so you’ll see it only if you have the file sspipes.scr in



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